About Denim Blue...
My mum, Patricia, made her own wedding dress. She then later turned it into a christening gown for my sister and me. She made clothes for not only us, but our dolls too and could whip up a quick quilt in no time. How could I not always be in constant awe of her sewing wizardry? So, needless to say, she sparked my love for creating things with a needle and thread. I have yet to master the level that she currently resides at, but I always have fun trying to get there! 
When I was about 13 I decided to make a bag out of an old pair of jeans (see above photo) and soon I was making one for all of my friends. Now 20 years later I found that the idea is still a popular one, not just because it's handmade, but because it has a green vibe too. I love to create, I always have. Whether it is adding a little extra to a recipe or making some crazy decorations for a special event. My daughter always inspires me to think beyond the basic function of something and see what else it might become. With each item we try something new....a new stitch, a new colour, a new style....it is a never ending work in progress...just like life, I suppose!  
All of my Denim Blue creations are handmade from jeans bought at local charity shops or that have been donated by friends and family. What I love about what I do is that it has gives me the chance to share my creations with others and hopefully bring a few smiles, whilst encouraging upcycling and supporting charities. Life doesn't get any better than that! 
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